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End of year festive market

30 -31 December 2022

Information for stallholders

1. What happens if it rains?
It is the policy of the market to be open on market days irrespective of weather conditions. The majority of our stalls are under cover. The possibility always exists that the rain will lift and the sun will come out, resulting in a good market day. The market will only be closed once it is evident that there are no longer customers in the market because of persistent rain.
2. Are dogs allowed at the market?
Dogs are allowed in the market on a leash and under the control of their owners. Should the dog in any way damage any of the stallholders products in the market, the owner of the dog will be held liable for the costs involved for replacing or restoring the products. Should the dog relieve itself in the market, the responsibility rests with the owner to remove, and dispose of the deposit.
3. How does the payment system work in the market?
Each stallholder is responsible for his own payment system whether cash or card machine. Access to data for card machines is the stallholder’s own responsibility. No wi-fi connection is provided.
4. Products
a) What is the market looking for when selecting products?
seeks quality self crafted products. Preference will be given to products made from organic and natural ingredients and materials.   Consideration is given to the growing, processing and manufacture of the products as well as the packaging used. Mass produced goods made of plastic or synthetic materials are not accepted for sale in the market.
b) How are products selected?
All applications from prospective stallholders are submitted to the OuSkool restaurant management for consideration.  If the products meet the criteria  the applicant may be  invited to present their products to management for further discussion.
c) What type of products are acceptable for consideration?
• Crops grown locally preferably organically without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides ​
• Animal products preferably locally sources or processed
• Deli foods that are self produced or prepared at the market
• Self crafted products including jewellery, clothing, accessories, décor, homeware, ceramics, pottery, art, photography, sculpture, curios, collectables, crafts in wood, leather, glass, paper, metal, children’s toys & activities, health & wellness products
• While the focus of the market is on self crafted products, we may consider resold crafts and foodstuffs, depending on the relationship between the producer and the reseller, materials and ingredients used and the methods of production.
5. Packaging
Stallholders are encourage to use re-usable, recyclable or compatible packaging. NO polystyrene packaging will be allowed.
6. What does it cost to have a stallholders
A flat fee*  of R200 is charged for the two day market.
Tent stall:  additional R25.
Table required: additional R10/table
*Outside stalls with own gazebo and tables and food trucks a flat fee of R180
7. Is electricity available?
No electricity will be available. Stallholders are responsible for their own facilities to prepare food, warm food or keep food cold. No generators will be allowed, unless fitted in a food truck.
8. Setting and breaking up of stalls.
All stalls have to be set up on Friday before  16:00 and remain open until 20:00. No stall may be removed before Saturday 15:00. It is stallholder’s responsibility to keep their stalls stocked and in good appeal throughout the duration of the market hours. All stalls have to be removed by Saturday, midnight. Produce removed for safekeeping on Friday night have to be returned by 08:30 on Saturday morning
9. Security
All stallholders are responsible for their own stalls during the operating hours. Site supervision will be provided overnight and gates closed after the restaurant’s normal operating hours. OuSkool restaurant however will not be held liable for any theft or damage to stallholder’s goods during the operation of the market or after hours.

Application form for stallholders

Download form or submit online form

Stallholder application form
Download, Complete application form and submit to sarien@travellingtortoise or whatsapp to 078 595 7609
BBosMarkApplicationForm.pdf (19.37KB)
Stallholder application form
Download, Complete application form and submit to sarien@travellingtortoise or whatsapp to 078 595 7609
BBosMarkApplicationForm.pdf (19.37KB)